Ghanaian actress, entrepreneur and Yolo star, Fella Makafui talks about her relationship. She spoke about this on Zionfelix Uncut Show.Dating AMG rapper, Medikal Hasn’t Been Easy At All – Fella Makafui

Moreover, the host asked about the emotional and sexual relationship between her and AMG rapper, Medikal since they started their relationship. She stated that it was difficult.

According to the entrepreneur, life in its actual sense is not an easy one. This is because whenever an individual begins any journey, a lot of bumpiness comes along.

However, you don’t give up but just soldier on as a true fighter. Furthermore, Fella stressed that she never expected to have it easy when they started their love journey.

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Therefore, she is very okay with some of the troubles that come their way.

Also, she clarified that they consider themselves as a family now. Therefore, they don’t have petty problems. She added that the problems they have had so far have been with the media, some fans and a section of the society.

To her, the public spoke against their affair on several occasions and that is a big problem.







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