Sheila Gashumba has been dating money bags Marcus aka “God’s plan” since late last year and they have caused quite a stir on Uganda’s gossip scene.

The lavish lifestyle and exotic holidays have caused people to dig deep on this relationship and quite a bit has come up Including a whole baby mama and a son.

Sheila took it upon herself to laugh in haters faces saying there’s nothing she doesn’t know about her bae.

“Shouts out girls commenting all sorts of hateful things, I’m sorry to tell you that all your comments won’t let me leave him or let him leave me.

Huddah Monroe bares it all, wears only black net dress showing of all her cleavages

I’m not your ordinary Ugandan girl that you will scare and when he is single you all will be running to him like wild dogs and please he ain’t your ordinary type of guy. So Bambi, awulIdde ategezze omulala.”

“So for now keep reading the blogs, screenshot, send your fellow gossip girls but the fact still remains that I’m still with the man of your dreams.

Wabula temwagaliza, let me remind you guys of how you make fools of yourself every time, Ugandans love to be hypocrites all the time, the ones commenting are the same ones flirting and sleeping with their sister or best friend’s boyfriends with no shame whatsoever.

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