My Husband Is Not A Pedophile – TVC Presenter, Morayo Aka-Bashorun


TVC presenter, Morayo Aka-Bashorun, has stated that her husband is not a pedophile. She said this to clarify her comment which she made Yesterday about not letting her husband bath their daughter despite trusting him.

On her TV show Yesterday, Morayo Akabashorun said:

”As much as we are trying to identify the evils out there, let us not endanger our families by living in constant suspicion of our husband and the possible threats they pose to their daughters. If you trust him, don’t see him, as a potential threat.

I actually trust my husband but I’m just being careful because people that have experienced this kind of situation, also trusted their husbands and yet, it happened.

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I absolutely trust my husband but I won’t take chances and have him bathe my daughter, because whether we like it or not, there is something flying in the air these days that is encouraging imbalance and immoralities. ”

The statement from the Your View presenter drew lots of criticisms from people who think she indirectly labeled her husband a pedophile. Responding to the reactions, Morayo Aka-Bashorun shared a video on Instagram in which she stated that her husband is not a pedophile.

”My husband is not a pedophile, he’s a highly responsible, decent man. He can never do anything to hurt any of his children.

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Psychology has told us to teach children to respect their personal spaces and ensure that family members don’t come too close.

We need to define what is too close as a child.

So, I’m glad the conversation has started, I’m glad we’re talking about it. Let us understand that these are real life issues that are happening.”

She captioned the video:


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