You may find that you have someone you wish to cling on for the rest of your life.

Here Is How You Behave When You Meet Your Ex

But then, somehow, things fall apart, and you part ways.

It could be because of your mistake or their mistake.

The psychological battle of whether you two should get back together or who is supposed to apologise is usually a long one.

You may find that you are even weak at the knees whenever you see them.

But what should you not do when you meet your ex? Well, if it ever happens, here is what you should not do.

1. ‘Single’ impression

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You should not give any impression that you are single albeit the fact that you may be.

If you are in any relationship, you should never show that you are unhappy with it whatsoever.

Showing that you are unhappy will give them a feeling of importance and that you may never be okay without them.

2. Avoid unnecessary hugs

You should always avoid seeming that you miss them so much.

Hugging and having all those light moments will reveal that you want the moments you had back.

That may make them arrogant, again.

3. Avoid close contact

You should avoid coming too close.

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The closeness will breed the temptation to touch and probably kiss.

4. Don’t ask about their relationship

Enquiring about their relationship will only make you seem desperate and in dire need of their return.

It will look like you can’t be anything without them.

5. Don’t ask for their number

Regardless of what important a matter you may want to talk about, asking for their number will almost downgrade.

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