5 Signs That Shows You Are Dating An Immature Man


Most women prefer dating and getting married to mature men who can provide for the family but, for women, it may be hard to tell that your man is immature.

Below are the indicators that your man is not mature to continue dating him.

i) He leaves you to do everything in the house.

Ladies, a man who never wants to help you even cleaning the house or utensils, that man is immature. Keep him off.

Unable to handle constructive criticism

An immature man can’t accept when someone tells him how to do something. Such men always see themselves to be the best in the mind.

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iii) He is ‘Mr. Right’

When a lady argues with her man and the man never accepts he is speaking lies tells he is immature. He never sees himself to be wrong.

iv) He doesn’t care about you

A man who thinks about himself in a relationship such as buying his won clothes tells he is immature and selfish because he can’t think about others.

v) Poor future plans

Ladies, any man who can’t plan for his future is immature. A mature man should have future plans for his family.


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