My Father Wants To Sleep With Me-UNILAG Undergraduate Ayodele Opeyemi Cries Out


Ayodele Opeyemi, a 23 years old UNILAG female undergraduate, has cried out over her father’s intention to sleep with her.

UNILAG Undergraduate Ayodele

Since she has refused to give in to her father’s request, he has stopped paying her school bills, said Opeyemi.

Narrating her experience, she said since her mother died  some year back, her father has refused to remarry.

”My father said he made a convenant with my mother that he would not remarry  after her death”

Opeyemi revealed that her mother died after she gave birth to her junior younger, who also died thereafter.

Being the only child, her father took up her upbringing till this present stage.

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She added that, her father has been coming home with different women without settling down with any.

Ayodele Opeyemi hails from Ilaro, Ogun State and resides at Ikeja, Lagos.

She said she will not commit incest with her father despite his  refusal to pay his school bills

Incest cases are now rampant in the Nigerian Society today, and the government must take drastic steps to stop it

At the moment, she is finding it difficult to cope with her studies because of the situation she is in.


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