Diary of a Crazy Efik Girl – Episode 1: The Efik Girl [Rated 18+]


So gaining admission into school at 23 wasn’t an easy feat at all. Been out of Secondary school since I was 18 but was just never “inspired” to want to go school.

Diary of a Crazy Efik Girl. Episode 1: The Efik Girl

You know with all this joblessness after spending years in school issue, I wasn’t even seeing myself go down the university lane.

Fast- forward to 5 years later, this is me. No perfected skills, no achievements except my SSCE that is. Welcome to my so very boring world.

Finally I gained admission to a Polytechnic, maybe not the best but cool anyway and OMG! in a very “local” setting. I Sha know life here will be very simple So I’m ready to take my chances.

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My name is Precious Stephen, 5ft4″, dark in Complexion, a little bit thick though I wish I can be thicker, tomboyish, good stature with the complete boobs and ass package yeah.

Physically I’d rate myself to be 100%, please don’t call me Vain but if I don’t hype myself who will?. I don’t have those usual pretty face girls have, I think.

I can’t call myself “pretty” but if you do want an Original 1000 yards material wife, call me and Yes! I’m that good. I’m the definition of REAL, Crazy and down to earth in the real sense.

I’m a natural up to the tip of my hair.
I’m an Efik breed but a mo-mo-funking bastard to my state. Yes! I’m a lagosian.

Diary of a Crazy Efik Girl Episode Two [rated 18+]

Not like I can’t go to my village but I’ve got this mentality that I would only go if I had a “partner”, now that would be a “fun” road trip else forget it.

I’m going to take you down the “my life” lane and I ll want you to sit, relax and get comfortable. It’s gonna be filled with tears, laughter, love, heartbreaks and what not.

To be continued…….

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