DOWNLOAD MOVIE: The Wedding Party 2 (Destination Dubai)


Nonso continues his romance with Deirdre, the bridesmaid from London. While on a dinner date, Nonso proposes to Deirdre by accident and sets off a chain of events too powerful to stop.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: The Wedding Party 2 (Destination Dubai)

Deirdre’s upper-crust British family are against the match, as are some members of the Nigerian clan, but Deirdre’s determination can’t be contained.

After a near disastrous introduction ceremony in Lagos and Nigerian opposition to a London wedding, both families reluctantly agree to a wedding in Dubai, setting us off on another colorful, chaotic and memorable journey to everlasting love.



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  1. this is the stupidest blog ever. I tried to download wedding party and after it finished the file couldn’t be found and my data is wasted and gone

    • My dear ayomide, so sorry for any inconviences experienced, I just checked, the download link is working fine as I just tested it again this morning

  2. Thanks. I have been looking for this. It’s not a bait. I had to come here to thank you for uploading the part 2 for real


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