“I don’t like a man to touch my Bosom. It turns me off, it will make me dry up”-Afia Schwarzenegger


Afia Schwarzenegger thinks she has firm bosom ? Apparently, her eyes
have deceived her big time!
She claims her bosom are firm because she doesn’t allow her
numerous s£x partners (customers) to mash them like they do to other

She disclosed that mashing her bosom during s£xual intercourse turns
her off completely and makes her dry.
Afia Schwarzenegger who appeared Ghone TV’s “Duvet” show, said;
“When you are dating me, you know I love b!ow jobs. I am a touching
touching person… but my Bosom is a turn-off”.
“I don’t like a man to touch my Bosom . It turns me off, it will make me
dry up.” She added.
She attributed her so-called firm bosom to the fact that she doesn’t
allow her s£x partners to mash her bosom during s£xual bouts.

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