Cardi B took to her Instagram page this morning to slam her haters with an x-rated post ,saying they low key want to f**k her.

The married rap star has been faced with a lot of criticism after calling herself the queen of New York in a new song.

Cardi B slams haters , Say they only want to f**k her P***sy

On Friday, Lil Yachty released his latest single, “Who Want The Smoke” featuring hip hop’s  couple, Cardi B and Offset. On the track, Cardi raps,

“The fur on my shoulder mink/ Tell me what Hov would think/ I get money, I am the king of New York/ And I rock a sew-in weave”

Cardi B clapped back at anyone who took issue with the fact that she called herself “The King Of New York.

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She said in an Instagram  video

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Cardi B slams haters , Say they only want to f**k her P***sy

“What is y’all n*ggas mad about?” She said, “Did I say I was the best rapper from New York? No. Does this shit gotta do with rapping?

No. I know street n*ggas and street bitches that feel like they the king and queen of New York. Why can’t I feel like I’m a king of New York?

Every single time I go to my city people cheer me on, people show me so much love, people show me so much support and it has nothing to do with this rapping.”

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