An Instagram user @modelinakitten, who claimed that her nude photo was leaked on her Instagram page, took to the platform to apologize and also share a screenshot of celebrities sliding into her DM over the nude photo.

According to the lady, she found it very disconcerting as she claimed that her privacy was invaded by the Nigerian media.. The lady shared a screenshot of her inbox, says that the celebrities in her DM don’t excite her, as she is not all about wealth or fame.

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Here’s what she wrote below and the DM screenshot;

“I find it very disappointing and sad that my privacy has been invaded so brutally in the news in Nigeria

First of all I am not a Nigerian, I am a big fan of Nigerian music and have many close friends in the music industry , I was unaware of the incident that took place on my page in regards to story posted.”

“I hardly post on social media , My posts would be weeks or even months apart .In regards to the Direct messages which were in response to a bath pic that was posted by the person who manages and promotes my Instagram page are not my responsibility but an invasion of my privacy and the parties involved I apologize on my behalf am rather disappointed that someone would be so cruel to try and tarnish my image in such a pathetic way.”

“I network and communicate with a lot of people daily via my page I under no circumstances would mess with anyone’s image or privacy in any way intentionally also nothing of such nature has ever happened before I will take extra caution from now onwards as i seen how fucked up social media can be .
My apologies to everyone effected.”

Stay Safe”


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