Mourinho Slams Chelsea's Style of Play

Jose Mourinho congratulated Chelsea for their 1-0 victory over Manchester United in the FA Cup final but believes he would be heavily criticised for winning in such a defensive manner.

Eden Hazard dazzled during the early stages and the Belgium forward won and converted a 22nd-minute penalty.

United pushed Chelsea back after the break and Paul Pogba missed a glorious chance eight minutes from time.

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“I congratulated them because they won but I do not think they deserved to win,” he told BBC Sport.

“I congratulate them because I am a sportsman. They scored one more goal than us and they get the cup, and I have to do what my job asks me to do. I am Manchester United manager and I have to be respectful.

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“I think we deserved to win, we were the best team. But that’s football.

“I’m quite curious to know what people say and people will write because I can imagine if my team played how Chelsea did what people will say.”


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