Valentine Special – Relationship Corner with Eddie Schwaggsby


Hey guys. Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day of love. Remember aside your special one, you have to show love to everyone around you. I am your boy, Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner.
In the spirit of season, I will drop this piece by yours truly to put you in the spirit of love . Enjoy it

Turning your Girlfriend on

My 16 years old lover

No one will be ever like my 16 years old lover
Her skin was effortlessly flawless,
The color of ebony.
Her eyes were the oceans I drowned
And her lips were the sweetest honey.
She was the combination of beauty and smart,
Feminity and ruggedness.
She was the perfect friend.

MC Galaxy Reveals the Truth Behind Bobrisky &Jacob falling out

During breaks,
We would hide out in the library,
Kissing and reading.
She defended me in all things,
And I defended her honor at all times.
She would sneak to my house every night,
To kiss me goodnight
I would sneak to her house every morning,
To kiss her good morning.
She was a good kisser. A perfect lover.

“My mum once sold water on the streets to take care of us.” - Wendy Shay

Now we are 21,
Still in each other’s arms.
Hand in hand, we face the world,
Prepared to conquer it with our love.

Eddie Schwaggs

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you felt the spirit of love. That’s all for today. I remain your boy Eddie Schwaggs and this is Relationship Corner


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