Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie Declares No Man Can of Her lifestyle
Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie Declares No Man Can of Her lifestyle

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has finally reacted to fans who insinuate that she’s being sponsored by men..

The actress, who was involved in a messy social media feud with Kemi Olunloyo, who accused her of prostituting herself and getting $1.5m from Yahya Jammeh’s alleged stolen $11m, has said she usually annoyed whenever fans insinuate she is a call girl..

In a recent interview with Punch, the actress said she does not have to rely on any man to fund her lifestyle.

She said;

“It is very annoying and insulting to say that a man must sponsor me before I can travel out of the country.

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Before I came into the movie industry, I was a model and singer and I was making good money from that. Even as an actress, I have appeared in a lot of films and my services are still very much in demand.

I am also involved in some other things as well. For anybody to now say that I’m living off anybody is the height of being dumb. Everything I am today is by the grace of God and my sweat. I am a very hard-working and independent person.

I know what I want and I constantly go for it. I don’t need anybody to sponsor me,”

Replying fans who tag her a call girl, she added;

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“Right now, I have developed a thick skin, so I hardly get bothered when some funny things are written or said about me.

You should also know that many of these things are untrue and are just figments of the imagination of whoever wrote it. I remain true to myself and I will continue doing what I know how to do best.

A lot of people don’t understand that acting is make-believe so what they feel they know about me is false. I am a very homely and reserved person.

Those who truly know me know what I’m capable of.”