photo of Tupac and Eazy E back in Compton

The Photo was Uploaded by Keyshia Cole who was  been mentored at the time 2pac was still alive.

although she did hit fame and lime light after the release of her first album which sold over 17 million copies in the United States.

But ever since then her love for 2pac and the outlaw group never ceased nor stopped.
when you look through her Instagram Photos you would always find an old photo of 2pac in there.

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The Photo Below shows 2pac and Easy E back in the days when they where grinding and Hustling in the Music Business.

Easy E was the one that owned the Ruthless Record Label and had the Likes of Dr Dre and some other Late 90’s Rapper on their Label Including Ice Cube known as Q who later left the record label.

If you want to find out more Watch the Movie Straight Outta of Compton.

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