Selena Gomez Praises Ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber Music Comeback

Selena Gomez Praises Ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber  Music Comeback
Credit: John Phillips/Getty Images

The 23-year-old former kid star praised her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber while speaking with The big apple Times regarding his recent comeback, stating that she’s perpetually seen the talent in him.

“While people were writing that i was stupid for being in [the relationship], this is often what I perpetually saw in him,” Gomez told the times. “I’m like, duh!”

“It’s all a part of my story,” Gomez continuing of her past relationship while touching on her new album, Revival.

 “I’m growing and dynamic . i used to be in a relationship, and that i was being managed by my parents, and i was still under Hollywood and Walt Disney, and i was being control to this expectation of being the great lady.”

“I knew at heart that this wasn’t what I wanted to do — being exhausted of forcing one thing that wasn’t right, even in my personal life.

 I had to have moments wherever i used to be crying and i was like, ‘Why am I not in love with what I do?’ i was forced to induce very uncomfortable for a short while so as to form the choices I created,” Gomez disclosed of switching labels and management in preparation of her approaching album.

 “I undoubtedly inform myself that I’m on top of things,” she concluded. “I feel like ultimately if I sit down and i think about a decision i need to form, it’s really within myself. I build the choice. Everything goes through me.


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