Some women enjoy being raped – Frenchwoman criticizes #MeToo movement

January 14, 2018

A French woman who criticised the #MeToo movement has claimed that rape victims can enjoy the experience.

Brigitte Lahaie, a porn star-turned-agony aunt, caused an outcry by claiming on French television that some women have orgasms when they are raped.

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She was disowned by other signatories in the ‘100 women’ group, that includes film star Catherine Deneuve, who wrote an open letter condemning what they said was sexual ‘puritanism’ caused by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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The 62-year-old has apologized for causing offence saying she regretted ‘my remarks were taken out of context’ but repeated her view, The Times reported.

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‘What I meant to say – because I know matters of sexuality by heart – is that sometimes the body and the mind do not coincide,’ she said.

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