8 Healthy Date Ideas That Aren’t Just Dinner

January 20, 2018

8 Healthy Date Ideas That Aren’t Just Dinner


Locking down a dinner reservation is a perfectly fine date idea. But there’s something to be said for getting to know a new partner or deepening your connection with your SO by doing something a little more out of the box.

Research suggests that couples who do novel activities together are more satisfied with their relationships, perhaps because doing something new and exciting takes them back to the early days, when everything felt new and exciting. If you’re in those early days now, trying something creative can reveal sides of your personalities you may not see if you stick to the drinks-dinner-movie script.

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So whether you’re planning a first IRL meetup or need inspiration for your weekly date night, give these 8 date ideas. They’re all health-focused, so you can boost your relationship and your body at the same time.

Take a sushi-making lesson
Instead of dropping sharing tiger rolls and sashimi at your local sushi restaurant, learn how to make these healthy eats. Cooking schools and many restaurants offer sushi-prep classes. Not only will the interactive experience be fun, it’ll also teach you skills you can bring home. And don’t forget the tasty meal you score out of it. Triple win.

Do an exhilarating workout
Couples who sweat together, stay together. Why? Overcoming physical challenges as a twosome can make it easier to turn to each other for emotional support, and that strengthens your bond. Added bonus: Studies show that people are motivated to work harder when they exercise with others. Think beyond a simple jog and bump the intensity with a more challenging and exhilarating activity, like an indoor rock climbing class, a surf lesson, or a mountain biking excursion.

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