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Venus Williams - My Father Never Wants His Children To Retire

Venus Williams - My  Father Never Wants His Children To Retire

The 7 times Grand Slam Winner whom has seen a Resurgence in her Illustrious Career since the turn of 2017, been runner up to Younger Sister Serena at the Australian Open 2017, reaching the semifinals of the Miami Open 2017  while also having a good run at Indian Wells some weeks ago, was full of praise for her aged dad whom gave them everything in the Sport.

Venus Said, the highlight was having her father, Richard Williams, attend the tournament. 

The elderly Richard Williams coached Venus and Serena since they began to play, but stopped traveling for the most part a few years ago.

 “I think last year Charleston was his last event, so he's kind of sticking to the tournaments in the States now,” the 36-year-old Venus said following her win against Svetlana Kuznetsova.
Venus Williams - My Father Never Wants His Children To Retire
 “I could hear him on the sidelines. He really wanted it for me. So it's a happy moment when you come off the court. Even if I lose he's still very happy, but to see the joy and the pride and the excitement, I could win the match just for that.”

Venus is coached by David Witt these days, while younger sister Serena is coached by Patrick Mouratoglou. But it was their father who taught  them that each needed to understand her own path.

“I feel that his greatest accomplishment was for Serena and I to be whole people and to not be statistics,” Venus said. “[Richard] just wanted us to not see tennis as the whole thing in our life. At this point I think he never wants us to retire, so it's a joy for him to see us out here.”

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