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30 days of Hustle - Day 6 - Meet Ajoke Iya Alagbo

Image Credit: @alabiayoade

My customers call me Ajoke Iya Alagbo. My customers are around Bariga area in general. I sell them 'Agbo' for Typhoid, 'Jedi' or 'Opa Eyin'. 

It takes like 2 hours to prepare all the agbo that is needed in a day. I walk a lot during a day to make sure people can have good health and can perform well. Even though the bowl is quite heavy, I have to hawk. 

It's my duty. So, when rain falls it disturbs my work. 
It takes a lot of money to start this work oh! A lot. If you don't have 20,000 naira don't even think of it. 
Image Credit: @alabiayoade
Story Credit: @theonlydolapo@mofe_ade and Rocky 

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