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Kylie Dizzies Tamar Braxton on Vine Video

Kylie Dizzies Tamar Braxton  on Vine Video

I still remember the days of that lovely song that says the money money we make the more problems we see.

     well that same goes for the Kardashian family, they seem not to be immune to trouble or seems like they just keep searching for it, if its not Kim Kardashian, its Khloe Kardashian as usual.

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But things have been taking a different turn since the year kicked of, its been about the Jenner sister trying to cave their name on it. 

Kylie Dizzies Tamar Braxton

      this time around it was Kylie Jenner taking a swap at Tamar Braxton.
y'all remember some time ago Singer and TV host Tamar Braxton took a jab at Kylie saying that the 17 year-old was spending nights at Tyga's house. In 2014, 
Tamar said;
"I got a little inside scoop. You ready for it? It’s so juicy my mouth is watering. So you know, this little superstar I know called Toni Braxton lives across the street from Tyga. And then… she had told me she be seeing (the little girl coming from Tyga’s house.)
Well, Kylie didn't forget and last week, she took her own pound of flesh on her.
she posted this video online of Tamar in tears about her been called a Muppet  by K. Michelle, Kylie re-Vined a video to her 2.5 million followers.
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